Happy Hale- Happy Ohana

Alison Whisnand - Thursday, October 09, 2014

You may have noticed a bit of a Taylor Linens “pillow boom” this past summer. We had the opportunity to be a part of some very fun home remodels, and Lynne’s recent trip to this charming little Hawaiian hale (or “home” if you’re a main-lander), inspired quite a few new designs!


Photo courtesy of Ashlyn Carter of http://www.carterandcookeventco.com/

We thought it might be fun to show you a few snapshots of the demo and re-furnishing of this tropical cottage.

The Living room: before and after.

The blinds were replaced with beautiful linen voile panels which were custom-made by Taylor Linens, and the walls were repainted in “Old White” by Farrow and Ball.

The Dining room: before and after.


Lynne did a beautiful job of reworking some of the original furniture into the cottage’s current design.

The Kitchen: before and after.


The original tile used for the floors and kitchen counter tops was worn and cracked, so it all had to go! Beautiful bamboo floors were installed, along with a gorgeous stone counter top.

The Master bedroom: before and after.


It is hard to appreciate the incredible change to the Master bedroom without also showing the bathroom remodel also! Good bye icky carpet, hello walk in shower!

The Second bedroom: before and after.

You wouldn’t know that it was the same bedroom, save for the nightstands!

And the Lanai: during demo and after.


The demolition to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living areas was well, dusty- to say the least.

When all was said and done, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of the remodel. And as for the cottage’s new-coming guests? Well, we’ll let them do the talking... here are a couple of little notes that were sent to us by this week’s occupant and family friend:

We jump out of bed every morning, throw breakfast on the stove, get suited up and are fish-gazing through our masks by 9. Then we go around and adventure ‘til we’re pooped. Today we drove north and hiked a treacherous trail for fabulous views. We are not short on fun here!

Spent today snorkeling... tons of turtles and schools of sardines. It was a little weird swimming amongst a huge pack of fish like that. All I could think about was the program we saw on the nature channel of sharks and dolphins swirling a school like that into a "bait ball" and then feeding on them. I didn't want to get caught in a bait ball, so I kept a sharp eye out for suspicious fins. Shiver- shiver! Wooden hangers, coasters, soap dispensers and a few more battery operated candles are all happily in place. Drinking up every minute of our remaining time!

Gosh, I'm all weepy. I guess that means it was definitely a winner of a vacation.

Aloha, friends!


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