Behind the Scenes of a Taylor Linens Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of a Taylor Linens Photoshoot

We just wrapped up this year’s photo shoot and are thrilled with how well everything turned out! We cannot wait to begin loading everything to the site, but in the meantime thought we’d give you a little peek into the process this year.

Our studio is in fact Lynne Taylor’s home, which we turn upside down for a week every year. Our team has quite the haul!

Our photographer, Rick, setting up his next shot (pictured in the background is his assistant, Nick—who travels all the way from Kentucky to help with our shoot)!

Carey Cornelius does all of our styling. She’s a stickler for impeccable ironing, folks! No wrinkles—no creases! She’s also incredible at her work, and did a wonderful job updating our look this year.

Nick tech-d my iPad out with a livestream of their photos each day! Our “prep room”—not a bad place to iron every day. So pretty!

Custom Pet Pillow from Royal Pets

A little clip of our sweet Abby having her pictures taken on our Charleston bedding. She’s modeling our new children’s night wear!

We have so many more to show you! Beautiful new quilts, duvets, pillows, panels–accessories! It was a great week to be on the Taylor team. We are so blessed to work with these men and women every year. All of the images you see on our website are the product of their hard work and dedication to our company.