Linen Care

Linen Care

Taylor Linens values creating collections that not only last a lifetime, but which also do not require a great deal of fuss. When it comes to keeping your linens clean and tidy, we work to ensure that our collections will make this task easy for you. Our linens are made from natural fibers, and therefore most all of our collections are machine washable. Take the time to look over these more detailed care instructions to help lengthen the life of your linens.

Machine Washing Your Linens

You should always pre-wash your new linens before sleeping in them. We recommend always washing your linens on a “cold” setting. While most all of our products are generously sized or preshrunk to prevent any issues with shrinking, washing items on the “hot” setting always puts linens at risk of further shrinking.


Always separate light and dark colors. If washing zippered items, always be sure to check that the zipper is completely zipped, in order to prevent snagging. Do not wash your linens with bath towels. The polyester in towels may pill and shed on natural fibers, affecting the smoothness and softness of the fabric.


Mild, non-alkaline detergents are the best option for washing your linens, as they do not contain bleach or whiteners, which can damage your linens. We recommend, and offer on our site, Le Blanc Linen Wash. And it is best not to use bleach, but when it is absolutely necessary, please use oxygen-based bleach which will not cause as much damage. We do not recommend fabric softeners or dryer sheets. These products contain wax that will build up on your linens. They may also irritate your skin.

Drying Your Linens

Taylor Linens prefers line drying over machine drying. Line drying prevents damage from heat that is hard to avoid in your machine. Or set the dryer for a cool-down session at the end. When washing quilts, go ahead and dry them in your machine for about 30 minutes, but hang them to dry the rest of the way. Never wring out items, as this causes the fibers to weaken. When you must dry something in the machine, we recommend drying linens on low heat. Extremely hot (or cold) temperatures shock the fibers and can decrease its life as well as cause shrinkage. DO NOT over-dry your linens. Try hanging them, or pressing them while still slightly damp. As always, remove your linens from the dryer promptly after the cycle has finished. This will minimize wrinkling. Always read the care label before placing anything in the dryer.

Ironing Your Linens

Most irons have a steam option – this is our favorite way to iron linens. It helps generate just the right levels of moisture to remove all of the wrinkles. Items with embroideries, or items that are of a dark color, should be ironed on the reverse side in order to protect the color and the delicate materials.

Hand Washing Your Linens

When an item calls for hand washing, please do not add it to your washing machine. These items often have special details, such as embroideries and buttons which will not farewell being tossed about. They need the tender loving care of your own hands. Please wash these items in a mild detergent, making sure to rinse them thoroughly and lay them flat to dry.

Dry Cleaning Your Linens

Professional dry cleaning is not necessary for most of our collections, however, if you must take our linens to a dry cleaner please find a “green” dry cleaner that does not use harsh chemicals that can damage your linens and our environment.

Storing Your Linens

Linens which you will be storing for a while should be wrapped in an old cotton pillowcase and kept in a cool dark space. Avoid storing your linens in cedar or plastic as this can cause yellowing.

We hope that these instructions will help you to better care for your linens. Our customer service representatives are able to answer any questions you may have regarding our linens, so please do not hesitate to call! 951.296.3530