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New Arrivals

Explore our newest arrivals to the Taylor Linens online collection of premium linens, pillows and quilts. These hand-stitched heirlooms are perfect for creating a warm and inviting home.

faith pillow
Molly standard pillow sham

$69.00$126.50 Taxes
deck the halls pillow
OUT OF STOCK Mistletoe throw pillow
Red Cross throw pillow
Red Irish Chain bedding collection
Puffer Fish indigo pillow
Molly bedding collection

$402.50$471.50 Taxes
Waffle cream blanket

$172.50$253.00 Taxes
Stars indigo pillow

$124.20 Taxes
Pebble pinstripe porch pillow
Waffle cream blanket

$96.60$253.00 Taxes

$59.80$115.00 Taxes

$218.50$368.00 Taxes
OUT OF STOCK Clovelly bedding collection

$299.00$471.50 Taxes
OUT OF STOCK Clovelly Standard Pillow Sham

$55.20$115.00 Taxes
Charlotte shower cap
Charlotte apron
OUT OF STOCK Charlotte cosmetic bags

$18.40$20.70 Taxes
kisses pillow blue
Twinkle twinke pillow blue
Aberdeen pot holders
Starfish pillow indigo
Starfish pillow cream
1776 Pillow

$124.20 Taxes
Move the Dog throw pillow

$218.50$310.50 Taxes
Percey Plaid standard pillow sham

$59.80$64.40 Taxes
Percey plaid bedding collection

$402.50$506.00 Taxes
Nantucket standard sham

$59.80$126.50 Taxes
OUT OF STOCK Nantucket

$402.50$506.00 Taxes
Nantucket throw pillow

$59.80$138.00 Taxes
Chesapeake Quilt and Shams

$218.50$310.50 Taxes
Home Sweet Home pillow

$59.80$138.00 Taxes
Nantucket quilted throw
Hayslip Indigo bedding collection

$253.00$391.00 Taxes
Hayslip Indigo standard sham

$59.80$115.00 Taxes
Hayslip indigo pillow
daisies pillow
OUT OF STOCK Blue vine pillow
Eldereberry pillow
Craft and Forge collection
bird pillow
Hayslip Stone Pillow

$253.00$391.00 Taxes

$59.80$115.00 Taxes
Dotted Vine boudoir pillow
Dotted Vine bedding collection

$195.50$276.00 Taxes
Dotted Vine Standard Sham

$59.80$115.00 Taxes

$299.00$471.50 Taxes
Sarah quilted throw
Sarah standard Sham

$55.20$115.00 Taxes
dotted vine pajamas
dotted vine night shirt
Dotted Vine shower cap
OUT OF STOCK Overnight Bag
dotted vine cosmetic bags

$20.70$23.00 Taxes
Hayslip pot holders
dotted vine pot holders
OUT OF STOCK dotted vine apron
dotted vine apron